domy kampinos domy małocice
Oaza Kampinos - kompleks domów jednorodzinnych i bliźniaczych, Małociny (gmina Czosnów) k/ Warszawy
Modlin Airport "took off" 2012-07-16

Warsaw is the first Polish city, which is supported by two airports: one of lower-cost and the other of higher standard. On Sunday, July 15th, the airport in Modlin was opened as the twelfth airport in Poland. The airport operates 24 hours a day and runs international services on the lines of short-and medium-haul and domestic services between regional airports. They are mainly low cost airlines and charter flights.
Getting to the airport is convenient and fast. There is a regular bus lane between the railway station in Modlin and the airport.
There is important information for all the flying enthusiasts: the airport is located just 9 km away from Oaza Kampinos.